Home Solutions to Getting Rid of Pesky Ticks

Anyone with a grassy backyard, or anyone who lives far out in the woods, is probably very well familiar with those pesky little bloodsuckers known as ticks. They’re small, often hard to spot, and can even carry a host of different diseases with them. Want to be able to finally enjoy being outside in your yard this summer without being overrun by those annoying ticks?

You have a few options you could choose from in this scenario. You could get in touch with tick control services castle rock experts to come take care of the issue for you, or you could consider some affordable home solutions to help make your yard tick free.

What Can I Do to Keep Ticks Out of My Yard?

To keep these little pests off of you and steer clear of any of the potential diseases they could be carrying around with them, consider some of these easy and inexpensive home solutions for addressing ticks in your yard:

·    Cedar oil spray: This is an all-natural solution that you can comfortably and safely spray directly onto the skin of yourself and everyone else in your family who would like to go outside. This solution not only repels ticks and other outdoor annoyances, but it even kills them!

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·    Eucalyptus oil: This is another all natural solution that can be turned into a bottled spray and sprayed directly onto your skin. It doesn’t take a lot of it to be effective, either.

·    Apple cider vinegar: This is a very versatile solution that works for all kinds of things, including being a tick and other insect repellent! It doesn’t smell the best, but apple cider vinegar will definitely help you keep pests off of you.

With these simple tick solutions, you can finally liberate your yard (and yourself!) of ticks, and be able to enjoy being outside in your own yard without coming back in to find you’ve been bitten by one of these little critters. How nice it will be to find out what a tick-free yard really feels like!