Why Tooth Extraction Necessary

There is a time to say good-bye. And there is a time to say; no, wait, please don’t go, please hold on. In the case of dentistry, there is every possibility that troublesome teeth could still be rescued. But sad to say, there will be those occasions when tooth extraction in Vallejo becomes absolutely necessary. Let’s consider one or two of these reasons before you leave and go and make that appointment with the dentist.

A tooth extraction could become necessary when excessive tooth decay has occurred. When excessive tooth decay occurs, the affected tooth has to be beyond repair. Leaving such a tooth in could prove to be harmful to surrounding but still healthy teeth.

A tooth extraction could become necessary even when there has been a tooth infection. The tooth infection could bring quite a considerable amount of pain. Painkillers do not always work, and even when they do, the relief is usually only temporary. The pain will go away but before you know it, it could be back. This could be months, but even so, and the fact remains. The best way to deal with a tooth that is so obviously infected is to remove it altogether.

A tooth extraction may well become necessary when the patient has to wear braces. There is another more important reason why this is happening. The removed teeth must make way for other more important, sturdier teeth to grow and develop. It is no surprise really why you mostly see young children and teens wearing braces. Their teeth are still currently under development. And the braces and the removed teeth ensure that this development remains healthy.

tooth extraction in Vallejo

A tooth extraction becomes necessary after the jaw and affected teeth have been traumatised through accidental contact.