Solar Power Here To Stay

If you have not been up to date with the news, you soon will be. Wake up and smell the coffee, as they say. Although it has been proven that not even drinking coffee is good for the environment. Speaking of which, solar power new jersey installations across city and state are extremely good for the environment. Read the news, watch the online video demonstrations and see how the use of solar power drastically reduces the homeowner’s immediate carbon footprint.

solar power new jersey

Note that in this new domestic environment no home owner with solar power installations needs to expend itself in the use of coal and water, the two major sources that go into the creation and supply of electricity. It is apparent that the day has not been reached whereby a majority of solar power consumers are able to switch themselves off entirely from a local or national electricity grid. This has little to do with consumer ignorance.

It has more to do with current bureaucracies, both public and private, and the numerous volumes of red tape and legislation that still ties most of these consumers to the grid. You see, even if they wanted to, they could not. They could not switch off from the local or national grid, with or without solar power or, for that matter, wind power. But there are those who have. Elsewhere in the world, consumers, businesses and even local and national governments have got this much right.

They have switched themselves off from coal. And let’s just say that they are holding on to their water resources for another rainy day. And they are all making more and extensive use of their solar power networks with astounding results. So then, wake up and smell the solar power.