Tips: Preventing Fire at Your Business

A fire poses risk for any business. Not only can a fire damage equipment, structures and data, it also poses a risk of injury or death to employees and/or customers. It is essential that business owners focus on a fire assessment and prevention education to ensure this type of scenario does not occur in their homes.

Fire prevention and safety is the responsibility of everyone at the workplace. A few tips to help reduce the risk of a fire at your business:

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·    Assess the risks of fire at your business. There are safety codes in place set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency. Follow these rules and codes and stay up to date to keep everyone safe.

·    You need the proper fire equipment protection to keep our business and employees safe. At a minimum, a fire alarm and fire extinguisher are items needed to prevent a fire. Adding a sprinkler system is also ideal. Use fire protection service rockland county ny to stay safe and secure!

·    Prepare emergency fire and safety kits that are easily accessible by employees in the event of an emergency.

·    Create a fire plan. Make sure all employees know the fire plan and how to respond to any fire.

·    Call 9-1-1 immediately.

·    Conduct regular electrical inspections. Electrical inspections cause more fires than any other cause.

·    Create an evacuation plan in the event of a fire. Post the plan in several locations around the office/building.

Knowing how to respond to a fire at the workplace can save lives and ensure less damage and hassle. Use the tips above to start the fire safety plan at your business. Fire is a risk that every business must be prepared for. Make sure you stay safe and protected at all times!