Electric Fireplace Safety Tips to Keep Your Family & Home Safe

Electric fireplaces offer an alternative to wood-burning fireplaces for people that love the ambiance that fireplaces offer. They can improve the aesthetics of the home and/or serve as a source of heating when it is cold outside. But, while many people find them a great alternative, they come with risks that you should consider before using if you want to keep members of your family safe.

Using an electric fireplace for heating, when possible, costs only about $25 per year. Yes, year, you did read that correctly. That’s a big difference between the $100 or more bill you currently pay each month. But, that doesn’t mean that it is safe. Sure, you can always reach a 24 hour electrician fort smith if there is a problem, but prevention is best.

How can you ensure safety while using an electric fireplace?

·    Do not touch the surface of the electric fireplace! Remember that a heater is inside the fireplace and it is usually hot to the touch. Serious burns can occur if you touch the front of the fireplace.

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·    No matter how much we tell the kids to stay away from things, their curiosity often causes them to check it out anyway, unaware of the danger that it poses to them. For this reason, make sure small children are never left near the electric fireplace unattended.

·    Pets can also be hurt if they touch the fireplace, so avoid leaving them unattended near the fireplace.

·    Keep objects away from the fireplace and at a safe distance from the heater. Blankets, furniture, toys, and other items can catch fire or start a fire. Space them at least 3-ft. Away to prevent this risk.

·    Electric fireplaces are designed for indoor use only. Do not attempt to use the product outside at any time.

·    Make sure the fireplace is unplugged when not in use.

·    Do not attempt to make modifications to the fireplace.